About Me

Hey there!

I’m David Brook. Microsoft Modern Management Evangelist.

I am a Technical Consultant working across a wide range of the Microsoft Stack.

My main focus is on Microsoft Intune, helping companies mobilise their workforce and deliver products which will drive efficiency and productivity.

I’ve worked in the InfoTech sector for 10+ years, with over 8 years experience delivering tier 3 and above support. I have worked on Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune (Intune), Novell ZENworks and VMWarew AirWatch to name a few.

I have a thirst for automation, and PowerShell is my preferred language to achieve my automation goals using additional component’s such as Azure Automation and Function Apps.

Qualifications Held

Credly Profile

Exams Passed: SC-300

Achieved: August 2022

Exams Passed: SC-200

Achieved: July 2022

Exams Passed: MS-500

Achieved: June 2022

Exams Passed: MS-100 & MS-101

Achieved: April 2022

Exams Passed: MD-100 & MD-101

Achieved: August 2021

Exams Passed: AZ-500

Achieved: January 2021

What’s my aim for this blog?

My aim is to create a personal Wiki of How to’s. However with the support of other community leaders I want to help inspire people and help them deliver their goals